A student who is unable to log into 12Twenty can be caused by a number of issues. Please check all of the following possibilities before contacting the 12Twenty Support Team.

Potential causes to check:

  • Is the Caps Lock on or off? Please remember that passwords are case-sensitive. The letters b and B are different for our system.
  • Is the student logging in attempting to log into the correct Student Portal URL? Confirm that the word "admin" does not appear in the URL
  • Is the student entered into the 12Twenty platform more than once? Students with multiple identities on 12Twenty will cause a system error. Please check through the Student Tracking page to ensure the student is only entered once.

Unable to remember password?

  • A student is able to reset password at login
  • If you would like to send the student a reset password link, select "Settings" then select "Manage Users". You'll automatically be taken to the Students / Alumni page. Search for the student in question, and click the Action Button (the three dots icon). You can elect to manually reset their password or send them a password reset link.

Using SSO?

  • Is the SSO ID number correct? Go to the Admin Tab of the Student Profile to confirm. Also ensure the student should still have access to the 12Twenty site.

12Twenty Login?

  • Is the email address Correct? Go to the Admin Tab of the Student Profile to confirm. More often than not, errors are due to misspelling of an email address.