Experiential Learning Site Settings: General

Experiential Learning site settings can be configured by Type of Experience, or set to a default for all of your system’s types of experiences.  From the “General” tab of your Experiential Learning Settings section you can configure the following:

Messages: Allows for configuration of banner messaging to your students on various pages / sections of the Experiential Learning module, allowing for you to provide guidance, resources, or any University rules / regulations.

Hour Log: You can determine if you would like for students to submit an hour log for their Experience by toggling the yes / no radio button.

Approval: You are able to select from your Career Center Admin users that have Experiential Learning approval permission access, as well as the Supervisor associated with each experience, to serve as an approver for submitted Experiential Learning requests. 

  • Initial = Approval of student’s original submission request to partake in an Experiential Learning, giving the student permission to proceed with their Experiential Learning.

  • Final = Approval of student’s completed Experiential Learning (including submitted forms, hour logs, documents, etc…).

First choose if you would like to inherit the "default" experiential learning approver settings. If you are configuring the approver settings for a specific Experience Type, choose if the approval is required or not required.

Sequential Approval:

Approvers are sorted into approver groups. If all of your initial approvers may approve in any order, select all approvers in Approval Group #1. If your approval process is sequential, create multiple approval groups to accommodate the order in which the approval process should flow. Approval Group #2 will only be able to approve an experience once all approvers is group #1 have approved. For example, you may choose to have the Supervisor be Approval Group #1, followed by two career center admins in Approval Group #2, and then a Registrar Staff Member in Group #3. The experience will not be marked as “complete” until all approvers have signed off.

  • If a Supervisor is chosen as an approver in any group, a Supervisor Approval Policy text box will appear. The policy entered here will be displayed to the supervisor on the approval page. To learn more about supervisor approval, click here.

  • Any Career Center Admin user who has the credentials “School Admin” will be permitted access to serve as an Experiential Learning approver, and will default to being visible in your “Approval” picklist selections.

Experiential Learning Site Setting: Pick List

Experiential Learning Pick Lists settings can be configured for all of your system’s types of experiences.  From the “Pick List” tab of your Experiential Learning Settings section you can configure the following:

  • Academic Term
  • College
  • Experience Type