12Twenty's filter-based job posting search interface allows students to quickly find jobs they have previously favorited (by clicking the star icon associated with a job posting).  This article explains the steps a student user must take to set up that search, and save it, so it can be easily accessed on a recurring basis.  

Please note: saved search filters are unique to each user's account, whether they are students or career center users, so it is up to each individual to create their own saved search filters.

1) On the "OCI & Job Listings" tab, select "+ Add Filter"

2) Select "Favorite Only?" --> "Yes" --> "Add Filter"



3) Select "Get Results".  This set of filters will display all approved and open (because of the default settings) job listings the student has favorited.


4) To save this filter and make it easily accessible - with a single click - next time you want to do a similar search, select "+ Save Filter As...", name your search whatever you'd like (in this case, "Favorite Jobs" seems to make sense), then select "OK".  Now, your Favorite Jobs filter always being available in the Saved Filters drop-down menu of the OCI & Job Listings tab.