This article outlines how to create and manage a Saved Search Notification, which allows users to create an automatic email notification that alerts them of new results for a saved search on the Job Listings or Events page. Saved search notifications are the best way to ensure you don't miss a new opportunity or event from your favorite saved filter sets.

How to create a saved search notification

1. Add your desired filters on the Job Listings or Events page, and select Save Filters/Create Search Alert.. from the Saved Searches dropdown. In this example, a student would like to be notified by email of new Google jobs in the Los Angeles area.

 2. Name your saved search, select your desired frequency, and select OK.


How to disable, or edit a saved search notification

To edit the name or frequency of a saved search, select the Saved Searches dropdown and choose the pencil icon. Make your desired changes, and select OK. Choose "Disabled" to turn the saved search notification off. 


How to delete a saved search

To delete a saved search entirely, select the Saved Filters dropdown and choose the trash can icon.


  • When do saved search notifications send? Daily saved search notifications are sent out at 7:00am (in accordance with your platform's time zone). Weekly saved search notifications are sent out Mondays at 7:00am.

  • Can I see saved search notifications sent to students? Yes -- notifications sent to a student are tracked on the Emails tab of the student's profile.

  • What if there are no new results for my saved search? The saved search notification only sends out if there are new job postings or events that match your filter set. If there are no new results, you will not receive a notification.

  • Can I edit the formatting of the saved search notification email? Yes -- to edit the Event Saved Search Notification, navigate to your Site Settings > Event Settings > Notification tab. To edit the Job Posting Saved Search Notification, navigate to your Site Settings > OCI and Job Listings Settings > Notification tab. Note that there are two notification templates on each page, one for students and one for administrators.