Reject an employer to ensure they are not included in your Employer Directory, and are not available as an auto-populated option that appears as users type in employers anywhere on your platform where an Employer field is available.

To reject Employers that have been added to your platform:

  1. Select "Notifications", then select “Employers”.

  1. You will be directed to the Manage Libraries page. On the default Pending Employers tab, select “Reject” under the “Action” column.

  1. On the new window that appears, select “Reject” to confirm rejection of the Employer.

  1. The Employer will be transferred to the Rejected Employers tab on the Manage Libraries page.

To reject an approved Employer:

  1. Select the "Employers" module from the left navigation panel, and select the specific Employer.

  1. Select the “Action” button, then select “Reject”.

  1. Confirm rejection by selecting “Reject”.

  • The Employer will be removed from the Employer Directory and will be placed in the “Rejected Employers” tab of the Manage Libraries page.