The ability to merge employers is important to reduce the inclusion of various iterations of the same company (Amazon, Amazon Inc, Amazon,Inc.) in your database. 

To merge Employers that have been added to your platform:

  1. Select "Notifications", then select “Employers”.

  1. You will be directed to the Manage Libraries page. On the default Pending Employers tab, select “Replace” under the “Action” column.

  1. On the new window that appears, enter the name of the employer you would like to merge the pending employer into. Select “Replace” to confirm.

Pro Tip: You can also merge Employers when they are in the Approved Employers or Rejected Employers tab of the Manage Libraries page by following the same steps mentioned above.


Q: How can we tell which Employer is "company 1" and which contact is "company 2"?

A: The Employer you choose to merge is "company  1" and the Employer you are merging company 1 into is "company 2"