Get excited, the 2019 user interface update will be arriving August 9th!

Please read through this article to understand what will be updated and what you need to do to prepare. We have also included resources at the bottom of the article for communicating the update to students and employers.

What's Being Updated? Tons!!

  • Mobile First - The majority of the experience will now be optimized for mobile. Login, dashboard, job listings (including applying), events (including registering), directory pages, and yes, the outcome form!

  • Student Dashboard - For CSM customers, students will now be directed to the new dashboard experience, which will show them upcoming appointments, events and interviews, along with recommended job listings and events based on their preferences. And of course, the dashboard is made for mobile.

  • New Look & Feel - The entire site will have a new look and feel. Examples of such pages are the Job Listing Detail Page, Event Detail Page, etc.

  • New Left Side Navigation - All navigation elements will live on the left side, including site settings, notifications, etc. The left side navigation will also have an updated look and feel, including a new logo option which is discussed further below.

  • Full Vertical Height - Vertical real estate is limited on computer screens because they are wider than they are taller. Therefore, we are removing the footer and header so that the entire vertical height of the screen can be used to interact with the page.
    • Where will the information in the footer go? The information in the footer will be added to the "?" help icon, which will now live on the left side navigation.
    • Where will the icons, like Site Settings and the Notifications, go? These icons will be moved to the left side navigation

  • 1-Click Saved Search Notifications - Creating saved search notifications will now be easier than ever thanks to the new "1-click" saved search notification bar that will appear "affixed" to the bottom of the job listings and events list pages. Students and Career Center Users will be able to create a saved search notification in a single click and be notified daily of new updates.

  • Notification Messages Update on List Pages - Notification Messages on list pages only, such as those located on the OCI & Job Listing or Event list pages will now appear via a hover over "i" icon directly to the right of the page title.

  • Updated Student Directory - The Student Directory will now be known as the "Students & Alumni" page, and will feature a new "card" style view, along with improved filtering functionality.

  • Updated Employer Directory - The Employer Directory columns of information have been streamlined to include the employers' industry (or employment type for law) and number of employees below the employer name (known as "the clump"), along with the total number of hires between post graduation and internship job phases, and the number of students that have targeted the employer. Employer logos will also show on the list page as well.

  • Updated Contact Directory - The Contact Directory columns of information have also been streamlined to include more information within the contact "clump," and the additional columns of contact information such as email address have been removed. Contact photos will also show on the list page as well.

  • Profile Photos for Career Center Users - Career center users will now be able to set their profile image within their account settings. This image will appear for students and alumni when booking advising appointments, as well as on the new student dashboard.

  • Email Notifications - The design of the email templates has been updated with a sleeker, more modern look that looks perfect on mobile

I'm a visual person... when can I see it?

If you attended 12Twenty Live last December, you already got a sneak peak at the new UI updates coming soon. We will not be releasing screenshots of the updates before they are released, but we can provide some promotional images and this wireframe of the "before" and "after" so you can get a better idea of the types of changes that will be coming:



Sounds great! Is there anything I need to do?

Yes, are a three action items/considerations to be aware of in order to best prepare for the UI update.

Updated Navigation (Item 1 of 3)

The navigation items have been optimized. Please see our notes below:


  • "Email Campaigns" has been renamed to "Email Templates" and now lives under "Site Settings"

Students & Employers

  • No changes to site navigation will occur

Logos & Pictures (Item 2 of 3)

Students, Alumni, Contacts and Employer images/logos will be present across the site, so now is a good time to start adding logos to your favorite employers, and thinking about how to communicate to students and alumni that they should upload a photo, if desired.

Note - We recognize that uploading employer logos is something the employer should be doing when signing up or available on their profile page. This will be coming in a future release. Until then, you will be able to upload employer logos via the employer profile page.

Updating Your Site Logo (Item 3 of 3)

In order to accommodate a full vertical screen height experience, the new logo space will now encompass your sites branding. You will have the creative control to put whatever you would like on the upper left of the page and brand the site as you see fit.

You can now upload a new site logo by clicking on the "gear" icon and then selecting "Site Settings."

Currently, the logo and platform name/acronym looks like this:

Going forward, using the example above, the "EARNS" and "Employment And Recruiting Network for Students" will no longer appear in the header by default. Instead, you will have the ability to put whatever you would like in the logo space, which could look like any of the following:

Small logo with platform name and/or acronym (Recommended):

Full logo with no platform name/acronym:

No logo with just the platform name/acronym:

I like living life on the "edge." What happens if I do nothing?

To be honest, nothing horrible. The site will of course still function completely, however, the logo just might look a little "funny" until it is updated. Since the previous header had a "white" background and the new logo space has a light grey background, the logo may look like the below image:

Additionally, the platform name and acronym is no longer shown, which may or may not be an issue depending on how you market the platform to your constituents.

To sum your action items up...

  1. Add logos to your most popular employers
  2. Take a look at your current logo, platform name and acronym, and decide how you would like your new site branding to look
  3. Create a new logo using the specifications below and upload it to the site anytime over the next few weeks, unless it contains the platform name and acronym, in which case you will want to wait until the new interface is released. The exact release date will be announced approximately 7-10 days beforehand.
  4. A note on "transparency" - Keep in mind that the new logo will most likely need to have a transparent background in order to look clean on top of the grey background. Sometimes an image may look like it has a transparent background, but when placed on top of a background other than "white," the edges of the text or image can look pixelated. In other words, the imperfections of the image come through. Make sure that your image looks good on a grey background beforehand. You can always re-upload the image, but better to make sure this is taken into consideration before you try it out.

New Logo Specifications

  1. Image Size: 180x45
  2. File Types Accepted: gif, png
  3. Max File Size: 25kb
  4. Note - Please make sure your image background is transparent

Communicating Updates to Students & Employers

Employers - While the site will look and feel different for employers, the navigation items and overall experience will not change, so we do not recommend nor see the need to communicate the update to employers.

Students - For your convenience, we have created a 1-pager that can be used to communicate updates to students, if you choose to do so. The 1-pager can of course be modified to suit your needs and is attached to this knowledge base article. Please note that the article is geared more towards students who have access to the full suite of products. If you are using the ODA (Outcome Data Analytics) platform only, we do not recommend announcing the update to students.